Activities for Sight

Activities for Sight

The sense of sight is not just about seeing clearly  but being able to filter what we need or don't need to focus on. Developing visual skills can help concentrate and learn.

Child who is oversensitive will be bothered with clutter around them, will concentrte on little details and unable to concentrate on learning , while a child who is under responsive will not be able to see the difference is size, colour, shape.

Games  to develop visual skills

1. Shapes in the clouds - when you are outside look at the sky and try to see shapes in the clouds. You might spot a bunny, a boat or a roaring dino. This activity can also improve joined attention.

2. Constellations - if the night is clear, encourage your child to look up at the stars and see the shapes there. You can start with very easy constellations. Sky map can be found here. 

It is even easier if you have something like a laser to point at the sky and show your child the shape. Please be super careful and make sure your child doesn't get hold of the laser!

3. I spy with my little eye- well known game that can be done anywhere you are. 

4. Magnifying Glass - great way to see little things that sometimes you might miss. Great to use when you are outside but make sure you do not look at the sun!

5. Jigsaw puzzles - even if you are not the fun of them your child might be. Start with just a few bigger pieces and if your child enjoys them go for more smaller pieces.

You can even use cut out cornflake box if you don't have any jigsaw puzzles at home.

6. Dobble / Snap/ Spot the difference - All games can be excellent at spotting the same picture, paying attention and concentrating. They are also great to improve turn taking and teach patience. Most of them can be purchased on amazon but you can make them at home too.

7. Catching a ball- something so simple can be a challenge for children on the spectrum. Use a bigger ball and stand closer to each other if your child is really struggling or a smaller ball to make it more difficult.

It is great to improve eye-hand coordination.