Children in the Community Project

Children in the Community

Exciting project that is proposed in collaboration with organisations:

- One Step Further by Linda Smith

- Therapeutic Forest by Lea Archer

- Chameleon - by Tara Coppard

The aim of this project is to open a Support Hub in the local community that would support children, youth and their families.

Children in the Community is proposed because of:

- closure of Children's Centre left families unsupported

- parents struggling at home

- vulnerable pupils  and those with additional needs are far less likely to do well at school

- the number of pupils with EHCP in Surrey has increased

- children with SEN excluded from school, with no school placement suffer from social isolation and lack sense of belonging

- increased number of mental health issues among children and young adults

- long waiting lists to CAMHS

- lack of pre and post diagnosis support for autism and ADHD and comorbid conditions


- Feel SUPPORTED within their local community

- Understand that professionals working together to support a family  need not be viewed as judgemental, and will work with the family to achieve the best        possible social, emotional and wellbeing needs for the whole family

- Believe anything is possible because they are MOTIVATED and ASPIRE to achieve

- Be INDEPENDENT in their quest to learn new skills & strategies for helping themselves to flourish


- CELEBRATE DIVERSITY and be PROUD of themselves

We guarantee:

- holistic approach

- non judgemental environment

- professionals who listen and understand

- professionals who are passionate about their community

Families with SEN children will:

- have access to interventions and therpies such as sensory integration, LEGO therapy, Attention Autism

- have access to emotional support, counselling 

- be able to participate in well-being activities and clubs

- be able to ask for advice on EHCP, DLA, schools

- be able to participate in training sssions 

 Details will be released soon!