Home Sensory Kits

Home Sensory Kits

Applications are now closed. We will update the website when the applications open.

Sensory sensitivities are very often not taken seriously and not understood however, sensory experiences are very powerful to the point they can rewire the brain.

We are very proud to be able to open applications for sensory and communication kits to provide families with resources to help their children manage anxiety and self-regulation and emotional well-being.

Multi-Sensory Kits that include:

- Colour changing egg

- Liquid motion bubbles

- Spiral Glitter Wand

- Space Blanket

- Massager

- Glowing cushion

This kit will be good for children who need a lot of stimulation in order to self-regulate themselves

 Calming Kits that include:

- Wobble cushion

- Stress ball

- Chewy toy

- Ear defenders

- Tangle toy

- Liquid motion bubbles

This kit will be good for children who are very anxious, have meltdowns and can't process what is going on.

Communication Kits that include:

- timers

- Mood Stars to express emotions

- day planner with pictures

This kit will be good for children who struggle with emotional regulation and find transition hard.

Due to limited funding, at the moment we are able to offer these to 30 families only. Applications will be open again in 2021.

If you would like to apply for one of the kits please contact your key worker, teacher or SENCO and ask them to contact Caleidoscope CIC. Alternatively, please email us and we will do the rest.

We believe it is the fairest and the safest way to ensure the kits get to those who really need them.

Priority groups:

- single parents

- families in receipt of benefits

- families on low income

- children with severe sensory problems, non-verbal who find transition difficult.

The Sensory kits are only available for children with autism / ADHD who are diagnosed or await diagnosis , have EHCP in place or are under assessment and have identified sensory sensitivities.