Sensory Kit application

Sensory/ Communication Kits Application

We are very pleased to announce that applications are now open for sensory and communication kits for the most needy families who don't have the resources to support their children for various reasons. 

The deadline for applications is 23rd October.

Due to limited funding, at the moment we are able to offer these home kits for 30 families only, therefore we have to ask you to complete the form below to ensure that the sensory resources will get to those who really need them.

Priority groups:

- single parents

- families in receipt of benefits

- families on low income

- very vulnerable children

The Sensory kits are only available for children/ young adults with autism / ADHD who are diagnosed or await diagnosis , have EHCP in place or are under assessment and have identified sensory sensitivities, who do not attend school during the lockdown.

We understand that 30 kits are  just a drop in the sea of needs, and we are working hard to be able to provide more.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

For funding purposes we would like to ask you to complete the form below.