Feedback from parents and professionals who accessed our support

"All of the parents said they found the content informative and took the fear factor out of their concerns. The workshop was delivered at a really nice pace and it was good that everyone had time to take part in discussions.

 Thank you so much, we’ll definitely be inviting you back"

Linda Smith -Caterham Children's Centre Manager

" Simply fantastic"

" Really enjoyed and learnt a lot"

"So informative, engaging and interesting"

"Brilliantly informative especially from parents' point of view"

"Friendly and informative"

"Another good training session and so valuable for parents."

“It was by far the best autism course I have been to, everything related to real experiences rather than a text book. Teachers and Ta’s should go on the course so that our children can actually stand a chance!”

“Thank you so much, I just wish beyond all hope that the powers that be could understand how important these facilities are to the community and families and bring back the funding, breaks my heart that so many families will miss out”

“I found the course really interesting and thought Ola was a brilliant facilitator. The classes were interactive and she let people talk about their experiences and also talked about her experiences with her son and really tried to bring out the positives of autism rather than always focusing the negatives. Although we were there for 3 hours each week it went so quick as the content was interesting and relevant and I learnt so much more than I could from just reading books or websites. I’m really glad I attended the course and Ola and all the people on the course were really supportive and understanding of each other.”

"This is the first ASD course that I have attended and found it
very friendly and helpful! Ola explained ASD well and gave very practical suggestions to help with issues and it was also great to meet other parents in the same situation."

“For me the course has really helped (F) is one of four so I know something wasn’t right but never heard of Autism until he was diagnosed. I had a lot of mixed emotions, really didn’t know what or how I was going to deal with it. My heart broke when I thought he was different and wasn’t going to have a normal life. The thought of him struggling hurt me so much”.

"Thanks for opening my eyes"

"I can highly recommend attending any of Ola's workshops.  As a professional it is great to learn from someone who is 'hands on' experiencing everything she teaches.  Refreshing to have the view point of a parent which not only helps our understanding but enables us to support our families in a far better way.  Now with Caleidoscope set up, we have someone and somewhere to signpost to that we know will understand a family's struggle"

Tara Copard- Outreach Worker at Caterham Children's Centre

I now have a better understanding of how my son feels , how he see things, how normal day to day noise, smells , change of routines can affect him and his behaviour.
Ola has shown me how I can help my son with all these things. Given lots information on how to get help for him, his siblings and myself. It’s shown me that he’s not alone, he’s just special”

“It was so refreshing hearing other people’s advice and tips.
Ola is lovely lady who made you feel welcome and will try and help you with anything that’s troubling you.
This course/session was like a breath of fresh air and would highly recommend it. I would like to thank Ola and everyone that’s involved in setting these sessions up.”