ALL - Autism Linked Learning

ALL programme - Autism Linked learning- has been carefully developed to help autistic individuals reach their full potential and fulfill their aspirations.

All sessions under ALL programme have been designed to meet hierachy of needs by Maslow, which in autism can be sensory issues, routine, structure and safe environment.

We strongly believe that EVERY child can thrive if supported well and that is how ALL came to live.

ALL uses different approaches and interventions, such as Attention Autism, TEACCH, Intensive Interaction, Homunculi Approach, Theraupetic Art, Mindfulness, Sensory Integration and LEGO bricks to ensure that the basic needs are met. This is the only way to help an autstic individual to reach the stars.

We have it ALL!

Sessions under ALL include:

- LEGO Based Therapy

- Mindful Art

- Explore through senses

- Emotions & Me - Anger Management for Kids