LEGO Based Therapy

What is LEGO© 4 Autism?

LEGO© 4 Autism is a social developmental programme for children with autism that addresses issues with social interaction and communication deficiencies.

LEGO© therapy was developed based on the concept of using child’s interests to motivate them to learn and the activities have been shaped towards interaction and communication by introducing the roles of an engineer, a supplier and a builder. The intervention is based on creating LEGO© sets following clear instructions or freestyle building. (LeGoff, 2014).

According to research LEGO© Therapy should last between 7-8 weeks to see any changes in children's interaction. 

Why  LEGO© Therapy?

  • Children with ASD like playing with LEGO© blocks as they are suited for autistic children's nature due to their predictability. That reduces anxiety and as a result, children can concentrate on developing skills like social interaction, teamwork. 
  • Improves joint attention - non-verbal communication including shared attention, eye-gaze are in the centre of LEGO© therapy and there is no demand placed on verbal communication.  This can be achieved by children checking the plan and the creation, switching the roles and turn taking.

  • Child-led approach e.g.: child’s choice of what set to build, which can improve motivation. Natural reinforcement has a positive impact on a child's responses and acquisition of new skills. Children respond much better when given choice of what resources they would like to use e.g.: they are more enthusiastic when working on a project they are passionate about.

  • Inclusion- being part of the group, social inclusion, and sense of belonging play vital roles in the ability to form relationships. As a result,

    autistic children feel good about themselves, feel included and valued, which could have an impact on their communication and reduce outbursts.

Who is it for?

  • LEGO©Therapy is for children diagnosed with autism or awaiting diagnosis
  • children struggling with social interaction and communication
  • this particular group is for children age 7-11, a session for younger children is likley to happen soon
  • children who love LEGO© 
  • children who can tolerate others 
  • children who are able to cope being without parents for the length of the session

LEGO© 4 Autism


START: 18th January 2021

DAY: Tuesday

TIME: 5- 6pm

VENUE: The Arc, Caterham

COST: £75 per term paid in advance or in two instalments

Even though it is run in relaxed atmosphere this is NOT a Club but a therapy that is aiming to improve specific skills through individualised approach.

LEGO© Club will be run during holidays for whole families.

What is included:

  • well trained, DBS checked, insured, LEGO© therapist, a teacher with 20 years of experience
  • initial assessment and end report
  • very small group and autism friendly environment
  • LEGO© rewards for each session
  • Certificates for achieveing specific levels to boost confidence
  • 1:1 support for the family

Structure of the session:

  • Drop off and welcome - parents/carers are encouraged to enjoy a cup of coffee in The Arc Cafe as children respond differently when parents/carers are not around. It is also a good opportunity for parents to have a break. However, that will be discussed individually  with each family.
  • Rules - children set the rules themselves and are reminded of them every session.
  • Building a chosen set in small groups ( usually 2 or 3)
  • Rewards and certificates for reaching certain level
  • Play time- children build what they wish to build
  • Display/Photos - all work is photographed and will be on display
  • Short discussion- what they build, how they feel
  • Dismantling- all sets must be dismantled before going home
  • Clear up - children are involved in packing up
  • Pick up time and feedback to parents/carers

Holiday LEGO© Club

During half term holidays there will be a session open to the wider public and autistic children will be able to attend with their families to help bond with siblings and share interests.

Limited places.

You can sign up for this session here.

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You can listen to dr Legoff about what LEGO Therapy is :

If you are not sure if LEGO © Based therapy is for your child or you worry your child might not manage, please contact me so we can discuss it and find the best solution, it can be delivered on 1:1 basis as well. 

What families say

My son has settled into the environment straight away, he is open and has fun. It is so up his street"

Alfie has had a great time participating in Lego Therapy and has learnt new skills in listening, concentration, taking part and has really grown in confidence with interacting with other children. Ola is so lovely and patient and as a newly diagnosed ASD family has provided much needed support and reassurance to us all."

Thank you so much for the last six weeks and for all you do, I've seen XXX coming out of himself much more again and the school are reporting the same".