Emotions and Me

Emotions & ME

What is Emotions and Me

A carefully designed 7 week programme for older children with autism, helping them understand their emotions, naming them and having strategies to deal with them.

We will explore different emotions and explore why we have them eg: anxiety, sadness.

We will look for strategies that can help not to get mad! 

Each session has an element of guided mediatation.

Why Emotions & Me?

  • It gives you tools to recognise emotions and name them
  • It helps understand why you feel anxious and the impact it has on others
  • It helps understand consequences of anger
  • It helps recognise the signs of feeling anxious and act fast
  • It helps understand other feelings that may lead to anxiety
  • It helps understand what hapends when you are anxious
  • It gives you ideas on how to communicate your emotions and needs

Structure of the session:

  • Drop off and welcome - parents/carers are encouraged to enjoy a cup of coffee in The Arc Cafe as children respond differently when parents/carers are not around. It is also a good opportunity for parents to have a break. However, that will be discussed individually  with each family.
  • Rules - children set the rules themselves and are reminded of them every session.
  • Emotional thermometer - identify how you feel and why
  • Every session will concentrate on a different feeling
  • Positive Affirmations to concentarte on our strenghths 
  • Reflection and getting ready for next week
  • Guided meditation
  • Pick up time and feedback to parents/carers

What is included:

  • High qulity sessions delivered by Mental Health First Aider and Autism practitioner and Mindfulness practitioner
  • Very small group and autism friendly environment
  •  FREE resources
  • 1:1 support for the family
  • End of programme report
  • Certificate of achievement

Who is it for?

  • Older children age 7+
  • Children who struggle with emotions
  • Childen who have issues with regulating their emotions and very often are misunderstood
  • Children who are excluded from school, socially isolated and have problems with anxiety

The programme will cover:

1. Why do I feel anxious

- naming emotions

- feeling in my body

2. Looking out for anxiety

- anxiety thermometer

- it's OK to be anxious

- what else can anxiety be?

3. What/Who makes me anxious

- intensity

- conflicts at home and at school

- expressing anger and consequences

4. What do I get back when I show anxiety

- building up empathy

- impact on others

5. Making friends with my feelings

- what do I need to calm down?

- what can I do instead of being angry?

6. How to communicate my needs

- Requests vs Demands

- What do I really need?

- Feelings vocabulary

7. Different Me

- Strategies to support

- making choices

- Positive thinking

START: January 2022 - TBC



VENUE: The Arc, Caterham

COST: £45 per term ( 7 weeks)