SEN Birthday Parties

Our Offer

We understand how tricky it is to organise a Birthday Party for a child with autism, we have been there!

We can now offer two different packages, depending on what the child likes.

Availability is currently limited but we hope we will be able to be more flexible and offer more.

LEGO Birthday Party

SEnsory bIRTHDAY party

2 hour LEGO session in your location. We will bring and set up boxes of LEGO, organised according to colour and function. 

We will facilitate the group, challenge them and organise competitions. 

children will have an opportunity to practise their social communication skills when encouraged to interact with each other, so there will be an element of learning too.

Ideal for age 9-11.

2 hour session in your location. We will provide a wide range of sensory  resources including balancing pebbles, light up table, parachute, magic tiles , bubble tube and more. Children will have an opportunity to explore through their senses and reduce their anxiety. 

Ideal for pre-schoolers. 

Pricing: £95 per session OR £50 per hour.