Training for Parents and Professionals


for Families 

"Change is the end result of all true learning.” 

                             Leo Buscaglia                                                                                                                          

We belive that training is a tool that can equip individuals with knowledge and  skills needed to understand others better, be non-judgmental and leads to successful strategies to support. 

The topics change, some are repated due high demand.

Each course has some free tickets for parents who may find it difficult to pay but need the support. Please contact us if you would like to receive a free ticket. 

Currently most sessions are delivered via ZOOM. Your individual Meeting ID and Password will be sent to you before the webinar. All webinars are recorded.

The sessions are interactive and allow all participants to share experiences and practices.

All participants receive materials and a certificate of attendance.

Current Offer

Anxiety, Meltdowns and PDA

Auistic children may struggle with managing their emotions, very often their frustration can be reflected in their destressed behaviour. What to do and much more.

Eating/ Sleeping/ Toileting

in Autism

Learn why childen with autism may have problems with eating, sleeping and going to the toilet.

My child is autistic - what next?

Finding out your child is autistic can be overwhelming, particulalry when you don't know much about it. Learn about what autism is and how to best support your child.

Our 5 week course was among the most popular ones in Lambeth

and it appeared in Lambeth Adult Learning Newsletter