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Welcome to Caleidoscope

Your Home for Comprehensive Autism Support

Caleidoscope is a non for profit oranisation supporting families with autistic children and professionals who support autistic individuals.

We promote equality and inclusion and break the stigma of autism through training for parents/ carers and professionals and events for autistic children.
The founder and director is Aleksandra Malanska, a qualified teacher, autism practitioner, mindfulness teacher and trainer, with 25 years of experience in education including SEN. Aleksandra completed post graduate studies in Autism and is trained in various interventions including LEGO Therapy, Mindfulness, Low Arousal Approach,Therapeutic Art, Intensive Interaction that she individualises to an autistic person. She is also Mental Health First Aider and a  certified Mindfulness Teacher. She carries out ADI-R autism assessments for children and adults. She is currently employed by MoJ, in one of the London prisons, where she manages support for neurodivergent individuals in custody.

She strongly believes that raising awareness and education can change people's attitudes and approach and passionately deliveres training for parents and professionals. 

In her free time she passionately supports Us in a Bus , a charity, where she is a trustee and training to become a counsellor. 

Why Caleidoscope?

Caleidoscope is a fitting metaphor for our organisation, as it embodies the vibrancy, complexity, and uniqueness of every individual within the autism spectrum. Just as each twist of a kaleidoscope reveals a new pattern of mesmerizing beauty, the autistic mind is characterized by a rich diversity of thoughts, emotions, and perspectives that are ever-evolving.

Autism, like a kaleidoscope, does not have a singular representation. Every turn, every shift in perspective brings about a unique blend of colours and shapes, creating a new vision. This mirrors the autistic experience, where each individual's abilities, experiences, and challenges are as diverse as the patterns in a kaleidoscope.

The name 'Caleidoscope' also stands as a reminder for us all to appreciate and respect the vast range of human experiences and cognitive landscapes. Just as a kaleidoscope invites us to marvel at the beauty of its multifaceted patterns, our organisation encourages embracing the stunning diversity inherent in autism.

We advocate for seeing beyond the stereotypes, fostering understanding and acceptance, and celebrating the uniqueness of every individual on the spectrum.

Through Caleidoscope, we hope to illuminate the distinctive brilliance that autism brings to our world.

Our Story






 LEGO Based Therapy is the most popular. We deliver it in Caterham on rolling basis.

There is a wide range of monthly online webinars on various topics. 

We offer autism assessment.

We offer volunteering opportunities for young people who work towards Duke of Edinburgh's Awards.

We developed Progression Path for our LEGO Groups.

We developed a good relationship with


Ola published her first book: A is for Alex

You can buy it here

We deliver most of our training online although we do provide individual support for families and professionals. 

Autism assessment is now offered for families.

We have delivered a few CPD days for schols, the most popular one being LEGO based therapy.

We developed a great partnership with Dorking Family Centre and The Arc in Caterham where most of our classes take place. 

Pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. Caleidoscope did not stop! With a great support from National Lottery we delivered 50 sensory packs to the most needy autistic childen in Surrey. There were online activities with prizes for children, too.We had a great pleasure to deliver over 40 webinar classes for parents and professionals 

Inspired by the need in the community Caleidoscope CIC was founded with a free Art class in Caterham Library. Tandrige Council was our first founder with a great support from Chris Botten , our local councillor. 




Ola founded Caleidoscope in 2019 . She is passionate about creating inclusive environments for all where children can thrive and reach their full potential. 



Julie has vast teaching experience with children and adults with varied needs and abilities in many community contexts. Trained in counselling, mindfulness and therapeutic work and has extensive experience in funding and consultation.



Jenni is dedicated Charity professional, passionate about supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged people. She has strong background in line management, data analysis, writing proposals and funding bids. 




Sophia joined the team in January 2023.  She volunteers in LEGO Club in Caterham.She is 15 and attends a Secondary School in Croydon , where she is working towards Duke of Edinburgh's Award. She loves horse riding and is great with SEN children.








Chris was the first person to support Caleidoscope. He is passionate about young people and is a great support. 



Linda is a Mental Health Practitioner in a primary School in Chaldon.

She is a great mentor and great support. 



An educator who has worked to provide an improved education and other facilities for children with autistic spectrum condition. In pursuing support for these children, she has established two schools, a college, a respite home.