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We have a broad offer of training for professionals working with individuals with autism, from young children to adults. 

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LEGO Based Therapy

Training for Schools

We are proud to offer LEGO-based therapy training specifically designed for schools. At Caleidoscope, we understand the importance of providing inclusive and effective interventions to support children's social and emotional development, and LEGO-based therapy has proven to be a powerful tool in achieving this.

LEGO-based therapy is a research-backed approach that utilizes the inherent appeal and versatility of LEGO bricks to enhance social skills, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities in children. Originally developed for individuals on the autism spectrum, LEGO-based therapy has been successfully implemented in various educational settings, benefiting students of all abilities.

As experts in LEGO-based therapy, Caleidoscope is dedicated to equipping educators, therapists, and school staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement this transformative intervention. Our tailored training programs are designed to meet the unique needs of schools, empowering professionals to create an inclusive and engaging learning environment.

When you choose Caleidoscope, you gain access to comprehensive training modules led by experienced instructors who will guide you through the intricacies of LEGO-based therapy. Our training sessions provide practical strategies, evidence-based techniques, and step-by-step guidance to ensure successful implementation in your school.

As a Caleidoscope participant, you will also benefit from our extensive collection of resources, including customizable lesson plans, activity ideas, and supplementary materials. These resources are designed to support your understanding and implementation of LEGO-based therapy, making it easier for you to incorporate this dynamic approach into your curriculum.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond training. Caleidoscope offers ongoing support through a dedicated community platform, where you can connect with fellow educators and share experiences, ideas, and best practices. Regular webinars, forums, and consultation services provide opportunities to seek guidance and collaborate with experts in the field.

At Caleidoscope, we firmly believe that every child deserves an equal opportunity to develop essential life skills. By embracing LEGO-based therapy, schools can create a nurturing and inclusive environment that promotes social interaction, communication, and critical thinking.

Join us at Caleidoscope and unlock the transformative potential of LEGO-based therapy in your school. Together, let's build a brighter future for our students, one brick at a time.

The 1 day training covers:

  • Introduction to LEGO-Based Therapy
    Understanding the theoretical foundations and principles behind this therapeutic approach.
  • Practical Application:
    Hands-on activities and demonstrations that enable participants to experience LEGO-Based Therapy first hand.
  • Curriculum Integration
    Strategies for integrating LEGO play into various subjects and lesson plans, aligning it with academic standards.
  • Assessment and Progress Monitoring:
    Techniques for evaluating student progress and using data to inform instructional decisions.
  • Customized Support
    Ongoing support and guidance to ensure a smooth and effective implementation of LEGO-Based Therapy in your school.

COST: £350 per day

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What parents and professionals say:

"Thank you so much. Yesterday really opened my eyes and has given me a more positive out look on things."

"Thank you for a brilliant webinar Ola. This was the first thing I could get my husband to watch and the lightbulb is slowly coming on. Thank you for caring enough about this to present on it and for all your tips."

"Thank you for hosting it - you are helping lots of people to connect better with their children!"