Teamwork Challenge

TEAM Challenge

FIRST® LEGO® League  is an exciting STEM programme for 6–9 and 11-16 year-olds which rapidly develops teamwork, design, programming, and communication skills.

It makes children feel proud of what they have achieved – encouraging them to continue engaging with STEM.


  1. Collaboration: To encourage children to work collaboratively, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared responsibility.

  2. Innovation: To stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving skills through LEGO building and robotics programming.

  3. Competition: To embrace the thrill of competition in a healthy and supportive environment, encouraging children to strive for improvement and excellence.

  4. Real-world Problem Solving: To tackle real-world problems using STEM concepts, allowing children to understand the practical applications of their learning.

  5. Skill Enhancement: To apply and enhance critical thinking, team-building, and presentation skills, which are crucial for their overall development.

  6. Insight into Professions: To gain a greater understanding of professional scientists' and engineers' work, inspiring children to explore STEM fields.

  7. Risk-Taking: To foster a culture of calculated risk-taking, thereby boosting children's confidence and resilience.

This group will run at two different level- primary and secondary.


LEGO Wizards for at least 1 term and/or TechBricks for at least 1 term

There's no requirement for a diagnosis to be part of our TechBricks community. If your child has EHCP, we would like to have a look into it to ensure that we can support your child fully . Our key aim is to provide a supportive, engaging, and fun environment where every child can flourish, make friends, and learn valuable social skills - all while creating their very own LEGO masterpieces that move! You must commit to attend all 8 weeks.



THEME 2023/2024: Masterpiece

VENUE: The Arc, 39 Weston Drive, Caterham



We offer small groups to reduce anxiety and sensory overload, autism friendly environment with qualified and experienced autism practitioner with specialism in LEGO Based Therapy and LEGO Robotics.

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