LEGO Bots is an engaging and interactive program that combines the joy of LEGO building with the excitement of robotics. Utilizing SPIKE Prime sets, the program offers children a hands-on approach to learn the fundamentals of engineering and robotics. It's an immersive learning platform where children can create, code, and command their very own LEGO robots while exploring a variety of STEM concepts.


  1. STEM Learning: To develop fundamental skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics through hands-on LEGO robot building and coding.

  2. Critical Thinking: To enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills as children design and program their robots.

  3. Computational Skills: To improve computational thinking through coding, understanding algorithms, and debugging.

  4. Creativity: To foster creativity and innovation as children bring their unique ideas to life.

  5. Science Application: To understand the practical uses of scientific theories in real-world scenarios.

  6. Teamwork: To enhance teamwork and communication skills, essential for successful collaborative projects.


LEGO Wizards for at least 1 term OR very good coding skills aquired elsewhere

There's no requirement for a diagnosis to be part of our LEGO  community. If your child has EHCP, we would like to have a look into it to ensure that we can support your child fully . Our key aim is to provide a supportive, engaging, and fun environment where every child can flourish, make friends, and learn valuable social skills - all while creating their very own LEGO masterpieces that move! You must commit to attend all 10 weeks.

PROGRESSION: First LEGO League Prime


VENUE: The Arc, 39 Weston Drive, Caterham

COST: £120 for 10 week programme, FREE places availabe for families who experience financial hardship ( assessed individually), discount for former LEGO Wizards members and siblings


We offer small groups to reduce anxiety and sensory overload, autism friendly environment with qualified and experienced autism practitioner with specialism in LEGO Based Therapy and LEGO Robotics.

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