Welcome to TechBricks, a dynamic group that bridges the gap between play and learning for primary school children who are ready to take their LEGO building skills to the next level. TechBricks is the ideal progression for those who have graduated from our LEGO Wizards Group and have grown more confident in their teamwork abilities.

With a focus on the LEGO Learning System, our program explores the fascinating world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts through playful, narrative-based learning. By using the SPIKE™ App, an accessible, icon- and word-based coding platform based on Scratch, children develop budding coding skills and computational thinking abilities. Beyond just coding, children dive into the engineering design process, investigating scientific concepts, and enhancing their communication skills.

Join us at TechBricks, where fun, creativity, and learning are the building blocks to a brighter future.


  1. STEAM Learning: To dive into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts, enhancing children's literacy, math, and social-emotional development.

  2. Coding Skills Development: To utilize the SPIKE™ App, a coding platform based on Scratch, to foster coding skills and computational thinking, including creating and modifying sequences, testing, debugging, and using loops.

  3. Understanding Engineering Design Process: To provide opportunities to explore the engineering design process where children define problems, brainstorm solutions, and test and refine prototypes.

  4. Scientific Concept Exploration: To delve into scientific concepts such as energy, energy transfer, and collision.

  5. Communication Skills: To strengthen oral communication skills as children discuss their experiences collaboratively, engaging in narrative-based problem-solving.

  6. Social-Emotional Development: To foster social-emotional language as children help a main story character solve problems.

  7. Promote Creativity: To encourage creativity and fun, intertwining these elements with learning.


LEGO Wizards for at least 1 term OR some coding skills

There's no requirement for a diagnosis to be part of our TechBricks community. If your child has EHCP, we would like to have a look into it to ensure that we can support your child fully . Our key aim is to provide a supportive, engaging, and fun environment where every child can flourish, make friends, and learn valuable social skills - all while creating their very own LEGO masterpieces that move! You must commit to attend all 8 weeks.

PROGRESSION: First LEGO League Essential

NEXT PROGRAMME: start 7th September 2024, 10-11 am.

Please note: we meet every other week on those dates:

07/09, 21/09, 05/10, 19/10, 02/11, 16/11, 30/11, 14/12

VENUE: The Arc, 39 Weston Drive, Caterham

COST: Thanks to funding from Community Fund, we can offer this programme for FREE, with suggested donation of £6.50 per session -

£52 for 8 weeks to cover the cost of room hire and insurance.


We offer small groups to reduce anxiety and sensory overload, autism friendly environment with qualified and experienced autism practitioner with specialism in LEGO Based Therapy and LEGO Robotics. 


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